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We’re privileged to be doing what we love, what we do best, with many years of experience, with what we consider to be the greatest clients in the world. At the end of the day/the assignment, there’s always the good feeling of having helped people and companies to move forward. That’s our core, our “why”. And it always makes us strive for more: new challenges, steep learning curves – we love to keep moving. We see ourselves as our clients’ partner. Your topic becomes our topic.

This is how we always go about finding the best people in our team of experts for our consultancy mandates/workshops and coaching sessions: who has the greatest expertise, who is most excited about the topic? Only then do we check our calendars. This is how we’ve been working together successfully for years, growing together, sharing our knowledge and experience generously. Always agile, often remotely – in Hamburg, Berlin, and Cologne – and with a great basic° “us” feeling. This makes us special, this makes us strong, and this makes us happy. Do what you love, love what you do.

what we do

Leadership & change

We don’t believe in one size fits all. Instead, we develop tailor-made concepts for our clients’ needs and are passionate about their implementation. These range from individual leadership guidelines based on the company’s values, to leadership programs, and feedback rounds for managers and teams. We help develop or strengthen the right mindset and make sure our clients’ tool boxes are filled with plenty of effective tools to navigate more safely in our VUCA world of constant change. We equally focus on company success as well as on employee satisfaction. Both goals call for leaders who embrace their responsibilities and are eager and willing to continuously grow in their role. Leaders who unfold their potential and thus help peers, clients and teams to grow. This is especially true for flat hierarchies. And – we also want our work to inspire: we love to let sparks fly!


Our clients greatly appreciate that we cover various topics for which they require support. They like to work with us intensively and on a long-term basis. In general, obviously, we started with a project… a kind of test run. Enthusiastic feedback and actual impact quickly ensured that the cooperation became more intense. We’re valuable sparring partners for strategic concepts and consistently provide cutting-edge implementation. This is how closeness and trust have developed over time: we know our clients’ corporate culture, we know what makes the people working there tick, we understand where the company wants to go, and, we also know where it’s painful. We only offer what we can deliver at the highest level of expertise, but we can certainly help to point you in the right direction and recommend suitable experts.

Some of our can dos include: New Work, OKR development and implementation, workshop programs for leaders, onboarding support for new leaders, team development, agile time & workhacks, preparing for employee interviews, sales and customer workshops, change workshops, presentation workshops, cross-team workshops, conflict moderation, and so much more…

Pitches & presentations

We coach our clients so that they’re ready to shine when they go on stage. With stage we mean: in-house meetings, pitches, workshops, or major keynotes in front of a few thousand people – either live or remote.

We’ve accompanied IPOs, pushed sales units, helped win big pitches, and defended budgets. We’ve turned audiences into fans, tamed customers, and delivered important messages. Our consulting goes beyond “stand up straight and speak clearly”. We challenge content and benefits, we help people find their own voice and feel (more) comfortable in the spotlight. In short: we stand by our coachees for an effective, authentic appearance. From rookie to experienced pro. In German and in English.


We accompany leaders in their development. Often alongside other consulting activities, but also as a stand-alone service. We have the expertise, the experience, the insight, and the standing to be valuable sparring partners at C-level. We help finding clarity, to define oneself’s own path, to deal with challenges whether desired or unwanted, to grow, to actively shape the own path. We inspire and give food for thought, sometimes poking uncomfortably, but always showing appreciation and respect. We make all our knowledge and skills available to our coachees. Always individually, never as general solutions. We work in the B2B sector, which means that companies are our clients.

Who would like to work with us as a self-pay and/or aren’t an executive, you’ll find the right offer here.

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Our experts


Consulting / Strategy / Facilitation

Heritage: Marketing & Leadership Expert, Entrepreneur

Topics: strategic consulting in change processes, leadership, and company culture. C-level coaching, pitch consulting, leadership development, media training, offsite facilitation

Loves: change, lifelong learning, architecture, design, her family, sometimes: doing nothing...which nobody believes her.


Senior Manager Communications & Coordinations

Heritage: studies of media management and marketing, editorial tasks, proofreading and editing, event and PR management, Head of PR (Stage Entertainment Touring Productions/Holiday on Ice)

Topics: project lead, organisation, new business

Loves: Venezuela, Stiftung Kinderherz and especially quality time with family & friends


Training / Coaching / Facilitation

Heritage: actress, acting agent, playwright

Topics: presentation & speeches, performance & impact, storytelling, self-marketing, leadership, women in leadership, resilience

Loves: swing dancing, Neuroscience, Cantal (France) & agility as a life principle


Coaching / Consulting / Facilitation

Heritage: journalist i.e., DER SPIEGEL, RTL, ARD, executive, moderator, executive coach, lecturer

Topics: presence & communication - digital, hybrid and analog, positioning & personal branding, leadership & storytelling

Loves: Hamburg homebase, challenges, language, kids, a rower, and a dog


Coaching / Moderation / Consulting

Heritage: Springer & Jacoby, management / consulting

Topics: 1:1 leadership-coaching, leadership development and support, workshop facilitaion, communication, teambuilding, conflict facilitation

Loves: Savoir-vivre, people, art & design, France & London, Italy & flowers, being by the Sea and always Lemons


Consulting / Workshops / Facilitation

Heritage: mobility, automotive, international marketing, and sponsoring, digital, business development, project management, communication, strategy & organizational consulting

Topics: organizational development, agile working, New Work, OKRs, mission statement & strategy, workshop facilitation, leadership, communication

Loves: Crete, architecture and nature


Coaching / Consulting / Facilitation

Heritage: banking education, cultural engineering studies, project management, startup management

Topics: workshop facilitation, self marketing, team development, speaker performance, digital leadership, agile methods, change management, learning organization, knowledge management

Loves: kitesurfing, my Danish roots and especially my wife and our kids


Training / Coaching / Facilitation

Heritage: journalism, copyeditor, corporate storytelling, social media creator

Topics: storytelling, speaker coachings/presentations, leadership workshops, self-leadership & resiliency-empowerment, teambuilding, work-life-coaching

Loves: horses, yoga, Crete, mindfulness und slow living

Dr. Stephanie

Consulting / Training / Coaching

Heritage: business administration, strategy, human resources & organizational development, lecturer, executive, startup mentor

Topics: organizational development in young companies, audits and implementation for/of HR tools, young leadership, agile mindset, leadership consulting, coaching

Loves: life at the beach, Denmark and Canada, basketball, and dancing


Training / Coaching / Facilitation

Heritage: studies in G, F, USA; BDVT-certified trainer and consultant; presentation, stage/TV, therapist

Topics: international workshop facilitation, presentation, communication, change, coaching

Loves: exciting classes and workshops in Germany and abroad, neuroscience, dog sports


Coaching / Consulting / Facilitation

Heritage: marketing & leadership - Cornell-Nanyang, business development, trainer, systemic coach

Topics: leadership, coaching, New Work, company culture, change, communication

Loves: Reykjavik, books, investigative podcasts, mountains and hanging out with her gang (husband and two daughters)


Training / Consulting / Moderation

Heritage: moderation, marketing, advertising, live communication, entrepreneurship

Topics: concept development, creative sparring, coaching, team building, workshop facilitation

Loves: healthy cooking, MuayThai, fashion, mental training, singing, traveling


Coaching / Consulting / Training

Heritage: certified actress, BA theater studies, certified communication trainer, systemic business coach and change manager, lecturer

Topics: impact skills & presentation training, communication, conflict & stress management, leadership, coaching, workshop, and feedback facilitation

Loves: music and more music, laughing, interior design, travel planning and sunshine


Consulting / Workshop / Moderation

Heritage: university diploma in education, retail- and fashion companies, business coach (DVCT), (online) trainer and facilitator

Topics: team development, feedback, coaching, communication, presentation training, workshop facilitation, leadership trainings

Loves: traveling the world… gladly on foot.


Coaching / Consulting / Moderation

Heritage: Business & Life Coach, culture, transformation, leader, project manager, engineer

Topics: coaching (1:1 and teams), culture transformation, professional sparring partner, transformation & change, leadership, culture during M&A processes

Loves: the ocean, traveling & exploring, inspiring conversations, photography, surfing, Cold Hawaii, learning & growth

Dr. Esther

Consulting / New Work / Training

Heritage: design thinking coach, holacracy practitioner, agile working and self-organizing teams, systemic organizational development

Topics: innovation management and creating organizational conditions to shape change and transformation; New Work, teamwork, cooperation and co-creation, process, and workshop moderation

Loves: my camper van and waking up at special places, smart books

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